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Graeme L – New Beginnings EP *Release Dec 22-12-14*

Graeme L – New Beginnings EP *Release Dec 22-12-14*

Label: Division Music

Release date: 21-12-2014

Catalog number: DVSN3

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> Give It A Chance - Remix
Graeme L
> Pimpin
Graeme L
> Give It A Chance - Original Mix
Graeme L

Belfast born veteran of electronic music Graeme L is one of the true unsung heroes of our music industry. During 19 years of studio wizardry Graeme has produced, engineered and ghost written well over 2,000 tracks for artists and labels all over the world.

There is a very strong chance that if you play house music in any shape or form you will have played one of Graeme’s productions at some stage during the past 12 months!

This aptly titled ‘New Beginnings EP’ for Division Music marks a return to the fold for this exceptionally talented producer and showcases his chunky, razor sharp skills and unique talent of twisting some sounds and beats into something fresh, original and dynamic.

Graeme is now back at the helm of his own ship and once again heavily focusing on writing his own material



Oliver Lang (Bora Bora / Ibiza)
Nick Hook (Red Sea Dance Radio Show)
DJ Paulette (DMC World / Virgin Radio France / Ibiza)
Mike Ivy (Pacha/ Cielo) NYC (USA)
Flash Brothers (Frisky Radio San Francisco / di.fm New York
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Confirmed Feature on electronic music website The Underground
Confirmed review for DJ Magazine
Confirmed review for DMC & Magazine Sixty (Greg Fenton)
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