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Circuit21 – Calling All Angels Release *26-10-14*

Circuit21 – Calling All Angels Release *26-10-14*

Label: Division Music

Release date: 26th October 2014

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> Calling All Angels

Belfast’s Robert Brown, ex front man of Dutch tongue in cheek, fuzzy faced boy band Bearforce1, delivers his next onslaught of high octane feel good commercial house music, under his Circuit21 guise.

Calling All Angels follows on perfectly from last years mammoth debut release ‘Love In The Shadows’ which created a huge stir throughout the world and generated fans and followers from all around the globe.

50,000+ Youtube views may not seem like much amongst the millions of views viral era that we currently live in, but for a new artist with a debut single we’re sure you’ll agree its pretty damn good!

Remix duties this time around fall into the hands of Belfast production legends Graeme L and Dilly under their Sickjoke moniker and Deep City Groove’s Bobby Murray under his Rob Hue guise. Sickjoke take things on a pounding and almost proggy route with a bassline that would put hairs on your chest and razor sharp percussion. Rob Hue rides in on a very current vibe of groovy MK styled house music.

Add the excellent Mike Yello remix to the equation alongside the awesome Division Music inhouse team Paper Nation with their club mix and we reckon this is a package that deserves serious attention.

Something for all the family.

Calling All Angels is released Via Itunes and Beatport October 2014.